Here are some facts and trivia about Stephen...

Stephen is married to his partner of 28 years, artist Danny Everett Stewart

Stephen and his partner live in the Burnside - Gorge Community.  "We have great neighbours", he says "And we enjoy walks along the Galloping Goose to downtown"  

He "won the lottery" after a major battle with terminal kidney cancer.  "At the time I was diagnosed in 2006, there was only a one percent chance the drug I was taking would have a complete response", he says.  Today, Stephen is in his 10th year living with no evidence of disease and without cancer drugs,  He also receives weekly acupuncture appointments.

Stephen is a vegetarian for ethical and health reasons, but he's quick to point out he's not a "preachy vegetarian".   

In 2006, he ran the Oak Bay Half Marathon.  "I thought it was only 5 km", Stephen laughs "I didn't come in last... nearly, but not last. And I finished.  Nearly killed me, but I did it."

Stephen wrote and performed in two British-style pantos at the McPherson Playhouse to raise money for Kaleidoscope Theatre . 


He also directed a production of "Amadeus" for the company and "The Rocky Horror Show" as part of the 1994 Commonwealth Games Arts Festival. 

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