The following is a statement by City of Victoria Mayoral Candidate Stephen Andrew:

The high crime severity index for Victoria reminds us, regional municipal partners, and the province what many already knew: policing is broken in the CRD.  We need serious and practical reform.

Initiatives such as a Community Safety Unit for BC Housing, funded to work with social and supported housing, is a major step towards improved public safety.

A similar unit already operates at Toronto Regional Housing with the responsibility to:

  1. Conduct daily patrols on Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) properties.
  2. Deliver a variety of safety programs for tenants.
  3. Ensure the security of Toronto Community Housing tenants, buildings, and events.
  4. Work in close partnership with other law enforcement agencies including Toronto Police Service.
  5. Participate in a variety of community policing liaison committees.

For years, Victoria City Council pursued policies that didn’t work and that made our communities less safe, like refusing to properly fund the Victoria Police Department.

As Mayor, I will advocate for progressive solutions to improve public safety and protect ALL citizens and businesses who call Victoria home.

Stephen Andrew


City of Victoria Councillor |Cancer Patient advocate & Survivor | Fmr Journalist | Tweets mine.