VICTORIA, BC – The following is a statement by Stephen Andrew, City of Victoria Councillor and candidate for Mayor of Victoria, on details of approved homes provided by the City of Victoria Planning Department:

“In response to my statement and vote on the Missing Middle Initiative (MMI) yesterday, some ask how attainable homes can be built without the MMI?”

“We are doing the work now, without a divisive and immature framework that does not protect renters, does not have sufficient accessibility provisions, and will not drive the cost of homes down for current and future Victorians.”

“We all want the same thing: homes for families in Victoria. We get there through my promise to speed up approval processes, to work within and refine frameworks, and collaborative policy solutions.”

Homes currently approved

Development Permits – approximate number of units

  • Garden suites only 13
  • Single-family homes 15
  • Single-family homes with secondary or garden suites 8
  • Duplexes 10
  • Small houseplexes (3-6 units) 57
  • Ground-oriented Townhouses or Houseplexes (7+) 144
  • Multiple dwelling units 4730

Building Permits – number of units

  • Garden suites only 2
  • Single-family homes 5
  • Single-family homes with secondary or garden suites 2+2
  • Duplex 2
  • Small houseplexes (3-6 units) 0
  • Ground-oriented Townhouses or Houseplexes (7+) 9
  • Multiple dwelling units 289


The approximate number of units in process on August 2nd to 3rd 2022*

Statistics do not include new information pertaining to the Missing Middle public hearing.

Numbers change daily/weekly, full representation of the number of units approved are documented in the Housing Strategy Annual Review and provide a clearer picture of trends and overall activity.

*Source: City of Victoria Planning Department

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