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Downtown Parking

We need to make parking convenient and safe in downtown Victoria to encourage more people to visit the core and support businesses.  

Within 12 months in the 5 City owned lots I would like to see the installation of security cameras to reduce crime and make the lots much safer. The money already exists in the parking reserve fund. 

We should advocate to less space around fire hydrants that in turn increases parking spaces. 

And to make the most of our cycling infrastructure we should install individual bike lockers citywide to protect bikes and encourage more cyclists.  

There should be no increase in parking fees for at least 2 years.  

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  • Ian Cameron
    commented 2020-12-28 19:26:48 -0800
    I feel all bike lane construction should be halted.

    What is the point of reducing fire hydrant space to gain possibly one spot? The fire department is already dealing with the mismanagement of the bike lanes, as is city transit, police, paramedics and the voting public using the roads. Now you are proposing to farther limit the fire departments space to respond to emergencies? That proposal is not well thought out.

    Bike lockers? What a waste of money. There are bigger issues in this city, such as dealing with the people stealing the bikes.