Future of Clover Point

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What do you want to see at Clover Point?

Join Victoria City Councillor and candidate for Mayor of Victoria with ideas, wishes and thoughts on Clover Point.

The current plan is a centre of passionate discussion.  Is there a way to compromise, a way that all users can use the park?  Stephen believes so, and he wants to hear what you think.

The Town Hall Meeting begins with a brief presentation from Stephen, including the reveal of a design to inspire ideas and input.   

"This is in no way a definite idea", Stephen points out, "It's a concept that I believe will encourage debate and show that Clover Point can be a destination for all users who arrive at the park in a wide range of transportation modes."

Join Stephen by signing up for this engaging discussion.


April 12, 2022 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Online (Via Zoom)
Stephen Andrew Campaign · · 250-412-8888