Welcome to our survey on the "Missing Middle Initiative" and general questions on your opinions on housing.

Housing is one of my top three priorities, and I am keen to listen to your wishes, opinions and guidance.

We created this survey to get direct feedback, to learn where the feedback originates and to ensure the information is unfiltered.

Part of that process is to try to stop people from skewing responses - that is why we ask for names and other information so we can verify respondents. You have to be registered to take the survey.  Please note: Respondents must be verified for input to be counted and duplicate responses are invalidated.  You only need to take the survey once.

I am also obliged to inform you that this survey is not connected in any way to the City of Victoria and any feedback or comments provided will not form any part of any official process and should respondents wish to have their comments as part of the public record, they must provide comment at the public hearing.

As a Victoria Councillor, in a public hearing during my deliberations, I am required not to consider conversations and other communications that are not shared with the entire council once the bylaw is set to schedule the public hearing (likely on July 14).  To that end, this survey ends at midnight on Wednesday July 13th.

We will publish results of this survey as soon as possible.

So, now we have that information out of of the way,


Thank you,