The following is a statement from Mayoral Candidate, Stephen Andrew:

The Missing Middle Initiative Public Hearing is this Thursday, August 4 and begins at 6:30 pm.

I urge you to participate - details on this link.

Under our bylaws, Public Hearings are scheduled to end at 11 pm unless council votes to extend the hearing.

For complete transparency, I intend to oppose sitting later than 11 pm to discuss this matter. I believe, if necessary, that we should postpone the hearing to the next day. Time is already set aside for this possibility.

My reasons to not support extending the August 4 Public Hearing past 11 pm are as follows:

1. Council and staff begin their day at 9 am. With exception for lunch at dinner breaks, we will have been at work for 14 hours by 11pm.

2. Going past 11pm is not productive. If we were to sit until 1 am it places a huge pressure on staff and does not give them a sufficient break between end of day and the following day.

3. To expect the public to attend the hearing to 1 am is unreasonable and not fully transparent.

4. Council needs to be alert and rested for a hearing that has significant implications for the entire city.

The public hearing must be reasonable and not rushed. Trust in our governance at the council table is already at a low point and rushing this vitally important issue through at 1 am isn't what I consider to be good governance.


Stephen Andrew


City of Victoria Councillor |Cancer Patient advocate & Survivor | Fmr Journalist | Tweets mine.