I receive a lot of comments about issues in our city. There are a lot of comments about cleanliness downtown and challenges and I’m really sorry you experience this. . And to all who visit anywhere in our city

We need your help - if there isn’t a record of it, apparently “it didn’t happen”.

So, we need the data so we can make a case for resources.

Here are some links for “Request for Service”

If you see garbage cans over flowing or in need of cleaning - please report it.

Cigarette butts laying around - let us know.

If there’s an area in the city that reeks of urine (and I’m being serious here, please no snarky comment about “everywhere”) please report it. We can then get crews out to treat the area.

If you need bylaw, such as people blocking the sidewalk - report it. We will then get someone there to assist.

Here’s the link:

If you have a non-emergency police issue, please report it

Here’s the link

Now, why is this important?

Often we raise issues and are told “there is no record of that issue” or “we have not seen many instances of that issue” and as a councillor we cannot dispute the response.

So we need back up. We need YOUR support.

As you know I try to engage as much as possible, but the issues we see need to be documented. If we are to lobby various levels of government for more support, we must have the evidence.

In that regard I want to give a HUGE shout out to the “graffiti team” of volunteers in James Bay. This exceptional group of citizens works hard to remove graffiti from the community and it looks amazing. I’m told the area is 99 percent graffiti free.

If you want to copy me at my Victoria City Hall email every time you make a report please do. I will follow up.

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Thank you,


Stephen Andrew


Victoria Councillor, 2022 Candidate for Victoria Mayor, Cancer Patient advocate & survivor.