The following is a statement by Stephen Andrew, City of Victoria Councillor and candidate for Mayor of Victoria, on the result of the vote on the Missing Middle Initiative:

“I am sure many people feel divided by the vote to refer the City of Victoria’s Missing Middle Initiative to the next council. We should have used this initiative as an opportunity to bring renters, homeowners, nonprofits, developers, and community associations together to discuss a collaborative pathway forward to solve the affordability and housing stock crisis in Victoria.”

“We need housing in this city. We are a city that occupies 19 square kilometres with more than 90,000 residents. Many more will move here in the coming years. In fact, a report by Urban Systems delivered to the City of Victoria on October 22, 2020, projects Victoria’s population will balloon to 111,299 people by 2041.”

“As Mayor, I support initiatives to bring more housing to Victoria such as:

  • Shorten the permit process.
  • Double our ground-orientated land base to allow duplexes on all single-family zoned lots.
  • Focus densification efforts on arterial and collector roads to promote townhouses, stacked townhouses, and low-rise developments.
  • Allow duplexes to have secondary suites.
  • Remove restrictions that prevent a home with a rental suite to have a garden suite.
  • Increase the allowable size of garden suites to a more livable space.
  • Incentivize the construction of family-size units and rental homes through bonus densities and tax policy.
  • Free up rental homes by enforcing restrictions on short-term rentals operating outside of our licensing system.
  • Incentivize the creation of non-market housing.
  • Bring innovation to housing types.
  • Implement a property tax holiday to encourage affordable housing development.

“A plan that divides the community is no plan. We must work to bring our community together and find a way forward through collaboration. We repeatedly hear trust in this council is broken, as highlighted in the City of Victoria Governance report. Together with the new council, I will ensure we bring forward a plan that addresses housing concerns and delivers solutions within the first months of its mandate. Meantime, we must ensure the more than five thousand, two hundred approved homes - including hundreds of “missing middle homes” - are built as soon as possible.”

Homes currently approved

Development Permits – approximate number of units

• Garden suites only 13

• Single family homes 15

• Single family homes with secondary or garden suites 8

• Duplexes 10

• Small houseplexes (3-6 units) 57

• Ground-oriented Townhouses or Houseplexes (7+) 144

• Multiple dwelling units 4730

Building Permits – number of units

• Garden suites only 2

• Single family homes 5

• Single family homes with secondary or garden suites 2+2

• Duplex 2

• Small houseplexes (3-6 units) 0

• Ground-oriented Townhouses or Houseplexes (7+) 9

• Multiple dwelling units 289


Approximate number of units in process on August 2nd to 3rd 2022*

Statistics do not include new information pertaining to the Missing Middle public hearing.

Numbers change daily/weekly, full representation of the number of units approved are documented in the Housing Strategy Annual Review and provide a clearer picture of trends and overall activity.

Source: City of Victoria Planning Department









Stephen Andrew


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