Victoria, BC - Stephen Andrew, candidate for Mayor for the City of Victoria, announces that as Mayor, he will work to establish an independent integrity commissioner for the city.

"The citizens of Victoria have lost trust and faith in good governance. I will restore that faith. If Vancouver, Halifax, and a small municipality like Niagara-on-the-Lake can have an integrity commissioner, so can we."

An integrity commissioner would ensure that all elected officials at the city, and committee members, can be accountable for their actions and ensure there is oversight to investigate breaches and complaints.

"Central to my campaign, and my commitment to Victorians, is to bring good governance to the council table. An integrity commissioner, combined with a code of conduct and council vetting of all municipal committee appointments, ensures fairness and accountability throughout our governance system."

Stephen commits to make good governance a central plank of his platform, along with improved public safety and ensuing the development of a wide range of inclusive housing options.


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Stephen Andrew


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