Support for the Arts

The arts community is a very important part of my life. In fact, it is the reason I moved to Victoria more than 26-years ago.


It is a thriving hub of creativity that I know will benefit from another strong, supportive voice in local government. The arts in turn provides tremendous economic impact for businesses such as restaurants, hotels and tourism.


As Councillor I will work with my fellow councillors, not only in Victoria, but across Greater Victoria to advance a plan to create a stronger arts community by:


Recognizing the arts community’s significant impact on Victoria’s culture and economy.


Working to increase a steady stream of sustainable funding through evidence-based investment.


Revising local government funding commitments and to support a move to a rolling five-year funding model, thereby providing certainty for the future of our community arts organizations.


The development of cooperative agreements between all arts groups to promote the work and events of the arts community and enhanced support by existing local government communications resources.


Advocacy for the development of an “Arts Centre” to provide secure space for community groups that is suitable and appropriate to their needs.


I see arts groups struggle in our community because very often they do not have a permanent space in which they can create.  The work of these groups strengthens, inspires and enriches our community - most of this work is through thousands volunteer hours.


Their investment is recognized and enhanced.


We place significant investment in sports, recreation and events, it’s time we rectify the arts deficit in our community.

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